• Square Hard Case Battery Composition System

    In the process of the traditional production process of lithium battery, due to the formation of SEI film, some gas will be generated.However, when the gas generated by chemical conversion overflows, part of the electrolyte will come out. If no corresponding measures are taken, the corrosive gas that overflows will pollute the environment and cause harm to the human body.This system provides a systematic solution to the above problems, improving production efficiency, reducing labor costs, and reducing potential risks.

    System composition

    Chemical composition charge and discharge power module

    Energy feedback component power module adopts AC/DC and DC/DC bi-level bidirectional power conversion,High-energy two-way flow, high precision, high stability, etc.With 5V10A, 5V30A, 5V60A, 5V100A, 5V200A, 5V300A, 5V500A and other specifications, it can meet the needs of production and testing of different types of battery components.

    The square battery composition needle bed can adopt a single-layer independent control structure, and can also provide a specific layer layout according to customer needs.It consists of a rack, battery trays, probe modules, cylinders, and various moving parts. When working, the tray containing the battery is placed on the tray plate. Under the drive of the air cylinder, the positive and negative electrodes of the battery are brought into contact with the probe, so as to achieve the function of battery composition and capacity.

    Combined fire tray

    ⚪  High precision, corrosion resistance, high temperature (flame retardant rating V-0).
    ⚪  The combination design of the inside and outside of the box is flexible, and the product compatibility is strong, which facilitates the storage management and facilitates the replacement and production of battery models.


    ⚪  The probe and probe disk structure are designed with removable modules for easy maintenance and replacement of production varieties.
    ⚪  The probe is made of beryllium copper to enhance the abrasion resistance of the probe. The surface is gold plated to reduce the impedance of the probe so that the internal resistance of each probe is less than 0.5 mΩ.
    ⚪  When negative pressure is formed, the rate is < 0.3kpa per minute.
    ⚪  The "N+2" probe layout is used to enhance the reliability of the system.
    ⚪  The system integration is equipped with a smoke detector. When a fire breaks out, the warning light automatically alarms and fire is extinguished.
    ⚪  The precision of the moving parts is within 0.05mm, the service life of the probe can reach more than 5 years, and the sensitivity of the smoke alarm is high.
    ⚪  The moving parts drive the tub to ensure the accuracy of lifting by the 4 side positioning pins during the ascent. The positive and negative electrodes of the battery are brought into contact with the probe, thereby realizing the battery forming function.

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