• Soft Package Automation System Solution

    system applications:
    In the traditional production process of lithium battery, the temperature and pressure are not balanced due to the large ear contact resistance of the traditional soft packaging composition-compression cell battery;Seriously affect the uniformity of the battery quality, direct contact with the battery surface, the human body electrostatic impact on the performance of the battery, the battery core short-circuit caused by fire and so on.The soft bag is pressed into a press at a high temperature to be converted into a lithium ion battery under hot pressing condition, eliminating the baking and shaping process of the existing battery forming process, shortening the forming time and the battery production cycle, greatly reducing the manpower, and making the battery suction seal After more flat, more beautiful appearance.

    High temperature pressurization Features:
    The forming fixture adopts a horizontal layout, and the pressure is provided by a servo motor + trapezoidal screw rod. The laminated heating mode is adopted, and the replacement of the heating plate is convenient and simple, and the uniformity of the temperature can be more ensured.
    Silicone heating plate heating, temperature adjustable, the maximum temperature of 100 °C, the temperature of the plywood ± 3 °C, measuring temperature difference ± 1 °C.
    Real-time monitoring and feedback of laminate pressure, pressure adjustable range 200kgf ~ 5000kgf.
    A PCB circuit board is arranged on both sides of the clamp plate to ensure reliable connection with the battery core under clamping conditions of the clamp. The battery-position pole tab is adjustable to ensure that the PCB circuit board is clamped to the tab ears. The battery is compatible with many types of batteries, and the versatility is strong. Battery change time is short.
    A reliable guiding structure is arranged on both sides of the clamp lug material feeding position, and the battery lug is prevented from being bent by the PCB or the lug pressing bar when the electric core enters and exits the material.
    Strong versatility is compatible with a variety of batteries, battery replacement mechanism can automatically adjust the battery (tab) position.

    High Temperature Forming Press Institutional Map

    Soft package capacity features:
    The position of fixture applied to polar ears is adjustable, which can be customized to meet customer demand of various types of batteries.
    Self-clamped springs with a force range of 4.5~5kgf are applied, which have features of big conductive current, good performance, reliable clamping function and no trace left on the ears.
    The contact area of clamps applied to charge and discharge is the zigzag, the metal material of which is beryllium copper with surface gold plating, high electrical conductivity, and high strength characteristics, and the non- metal material of which is LCP, with excellent heat resistance and high mechanical strength
    A set of batteries can be tested through one modular channel, which can separately adjust its current, and make customers more convenient to extend the channel and maintain the equipment.

    Soft Pack Press

    Compartment Press Mechanism

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