• Logistics and Warehousing Solutions

    System applications:
    The logistics and warehousing system is mainly composed of three-dimensional racks, railroad stacker stackers, tray storage and retrieval systems, dimensional inspection barcode reading systems, communication systems, automatic control systems, computer monitoring systems, computer management systems, and other auxiliary equipment. system.According to the MES system that analyzes and synthesizes information reports and other functions, it can realize intelligent production of the factory, and through the coordinated actions of the above equipment, according to the needs of the user, it can complete the automatic ordering, rapid and accurate, and efficient automated storage and export operations of the designated goods according to the needs of the users.

    Stationary Rack Features:

    Rock wool boards / phenolic boards with function of flame retardancy are applied to all sides of each storehouse.

    The rack is made up of rust-proof welded parts, and fixed on the ground by expansion screws.
    Load-bearing capacity can be customized according to customer requirements
    Each storehouse is equipped with temperature sensing optical fibers or smoke alarms
    Shelves are connected together to increase its stability

    RGV Trolley Features:
    Fast speed, high reliability, and low cost. As a peripheral equipment of the warehouse, it can be easily merged into other logistics systems to delivery materials according to the plan, such as the exit / entry stations, various buffer stations, conveyors, elevators and robots.
    Structural form: single or double extension station
    Control mode: the stacking machine has four working modes: maintenance operation, manual operation, single-machine operation, online automatic operation.
    Operation mode: the single / compound cycle in unit, speed regulation with variable frequencies, and provide Ethernet interface (TCP/IP).
    Positioning precision: + 2mm for horizontal moving and lifting, + 0.2mm for the fork moving.
    Lifting precision: + 2mm, fork moving accuracy: + 2mm.
    Running speed: 0-240m/min for the horizontal, 0-30m/min for the lifting, 0-40m/min for the fork moving.
    Automatic compensation function: RGV trolley can automatically rectify the deviation when the wrong position occurs.
    All the stacking machines are equipped with obstacle scanning system in the front and rear to avoid hitting people.

    With the function of automatic calculation applied in the gear deceleration motor, the walking system limits the single running deviation within 2mm, and can reach the target position accurately without reversing or forward adjustment needed.

    The equipment is equipped with a forced cooling suppression extinguisher, which can automatically extinguish the fire, and a telescopic shield, which can cover the trays with dangerous electric cores.

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