• 2021-5-3

    Smelting team, the future can be expected|2021 zhijianeng elite team special training camp development activities ended perfectly

    In order to effectively implement the company's talent training strategy, carry forward the company's enterprise spirit of "sincerity, innovation, hard work and excellence", cultivate the spirit of..


    Zhijianeng and Siemens have reached strategic cooperation to jointly boost the smart manufacturing upgrade of China's warehousing industry!

    Recently, Siemens Shenzhen Zhijianeng Automation Co., Ltd. DE003 MCD virtual debugging + ICP control cabinet certification partner authorization signing ceremony was successfully held in Shenzhen. ..


    Under The Epidemic: Standing At The Crossroads To See The Future Of Smart Storage

    [Security Exhibition Network Market Analysis] As a core part of the logistics process, warehousing is responsible for the storage a..


    Empowering blade batteries, Zcanon breaks through successfully

    Time High-Tech Edit/Ou Yangyu
    In order to offer the next "killer feature" in the new energy vehicle market, BYD is eager to increase its "blade" battery producti..


    New Energy Power Battery Panorama

    The increase in domestic lithium battery performance does not increase profits. According to Guojun Electric New Research Report, in 2017, the growth of power lithium battery shipme..


    Zocono is making its debut at the CIBF International Battery Show

    On May 24, the 13th China (CIBF) International Battery Technology Exchange Exhibition came to a successful conclusion! “China's manufacturing industry” once again blew up the assemb..

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